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If you are a CLT and you would like to join the google group "CLT Connection" email Jenee at:

Cued Language Transliterators (CLTs) provide spoken language access through Cued Speech in educational, vocational, private, and community settings.  Cued Language Transliterators may also be referred to as Cued Speech Transliterators (CSTs).

Nationally certified transliterators (**) have passed a written, expressive and receptive test for proficiency and professional standards. 

The following Cued Language Transliterators have given CSAM permission to share their contact information for freelance opportunities.  Please feel free to contact them directly. 

CLTs wanting to add their name to this listing should contact CSAM. 

Cued Language Transliterators (CLTs)

Metro Area

Sarah Druley **   
(763) 502-6737
Sarah is also an ASL Interpreter

Kim Hartman **
(952) 496-1074

Sarah Keating **  
(507) 254-6324

Megan Merricks **  
(651) 460-2021

Jenee Petri **
(507) 332-8048
Jenee is also an ASL Interpreter

Mary Lou Rachel **
(651) 343-6831

Brittany Reynolds **
(952) 452-4858

Duluth Area

Elizabeth Paulson **
(218) 722-1878

Sherry Somrock**

Cassie Williams**
(218) 729-9708

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