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Minnesota Resources
Cued Speech Association of Minnesota (CSAM)
web site:    

Minnesota Department of Education
Minnesota Resource Center:  Deaf/Hard of Hearing Division 
Resource Center 
PO Box 308 615 Olof Hanson Dr. 
Faribault MN 55021-0308
(800) 657-3936 or (507) 332-5491
The Resource Center offers a variety of services.  The Resource Center is part of the Minnesota Department of Education and is located on the campus of the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf.  Users can access the library inventory of media in print and videotapes.

Minnesota Department of Human Services – Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services 
444 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155   
651-297-1316, TTY 651-297-1313, fax 651-215-6388

Minnesota Hands & Voices @ Lifetrack Resources
709 University Ave, St. Paul, MN   55104-4804  
(651) 265-2435 or (866) DHOHKID
The Family Support Connection’s mission is to provide a variety of support services to families of children who have been recently diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing. They also provide a variety of services to families who have known of their child's hearing loss for some time. They have a loan library which includes tapes, books and other materials.

PACER Center  
Parent Advocacy Coalition for Education Rights
8161 Normandale Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55437           
800-537-2237, 952-838-9000, TTY 952-838-0190, fax 952-838-0199 

National Resources
Cued Language Network of America

Hands and Voices
PO Box 371926
Denver, CO 80237   
866-422-0422 or  303-300-9763

National Cued Speech Association
5619 McLean Drive
Bethesda, MD   20814-1021
800-459-3529 v/tty

International Organizations
Cued Speech Association UK

NCSA's International Listings

Video Links
"Who Uses Cued Speech" is a fourteen minute video from the National Cued Speech Association.   Hearing and Deaf parents discuss how and why they chose to communicate using Cued American English with their child(ren).

Additional National Cued Speech Association videos include  information about NCSA, "Learning Cued Speech," "What is Cued Speech," and "Cued Children's Stories." offers advice for parents in their section called Launching Young Readers
You can also find children's stories told in American Sign Language and cued English (as presented by Daniel Koo):
Click, Clack Moo
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat

A PBS Reading Rockets special, "A Chance to Read," featuring a segment called  "Signs of Literacy". The segment about cueing includes an interview with Dr. Daniel Koo, a cognitive scientist who is deaf and grew up with cued English and now also uses American Sign Language for communication.  The segment also focuses on the Intermediate District 917 Program for Learners Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing at Gideon Pond Elementary in Burnsville, Minnesota and its bilingual model utilizing both cued/spoken English and American Sign Language.  While the segment features some brief interviews and clips of staff and students, the real "stars" and focus of the segment are a student named Jedidiah Figueroa, and his mother, Janet Figueroa. 


The short film, "Breaking the Code:  Unlocking the Cue-rriculum" was created as a commemorative film of Dr. Cornett and as an educational documentary. It was premiered at the NCSA's 40th Anniversary Gala in 2006 by producers Jennifer Bien and Alina Mills.

Center for Disease Control - “A parent’s guide to hearing loss"
This link shows a family using Cued Speech, however, there is not sound.

Events/Classes & Information
Cued Language Network of America

Cued Language Network of Utah

Daily Cues

National Cued Speech Association

Products & Services
Café Press 
Cued Speech gifts.

Cued Speech Discovery
The bookstore of the National Cued Speech Association.  offering a broad range of books, teaching manuals, CDs and DVDs, materials for learning in other languages, charts, games, computer activities, gifts, research resources, etc.
23970 Hermitage Rd
Cleveland, OH  44122
(877) 283-2030 v/tty

Language Matters Inc
P.O. Box 2466
King, NC 27021
Signed Language, Cued Language, and Spoken Language Programs, Products, and Services

Learning Resources
Center for the Study of Learning  
This site describes the Cued speech system, offers advantages of the method, and links to online related articles and information.

Gaining CS Proficiency
The instructional book by Dr. Walter Beaupré which has been put online in its entirety with lessons, advice, and extensive examples. 

Testing Evaluation and Certification Unit  
The Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining national standards for the profession of cued language transliteration.

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