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CSAM offers Cued Speech classes based on need and instructor availability.  CSAM members are  notified, typically via email, of upcoming Cued Speech classes in Minnesota.  

Cued Speech Instructors teach individuals and groups the Cued Speech system.  An introductory Cued Speech course will require approximately 20 hours of instruction.  Proficiency and fluency require additional instruction and practice. 

The following instructors  have given CSAM permission to share their contact information for free-lance opportunities.   

Feel free to contact them directly.

Kristy Dedon, Metro area

Sarah Druley, Metro Area

Jenee Petri-Swanson, Metro area

Amy Voorhees, Metro area


Please contact CSAM regarding any of the following instructional needs:

  • You are an instructor wanting to add your name to this listing;
  • you would like to request or inquire about an upcoming class;
  •  you have information about an  upcoming Cued Speech class that you'd like to share.

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